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Directory citation creation & management

Online directories are similar to phone books, except think of this phone book as an online, virtual directory. You can search for businesses by address, phone number, name, or industry/niche.

Most businesses get added to a handful of online directories over time, but not enough to truly help their ranking in the search engines.

Being listed on many trustworthy directory websites across the web shows the search engines positive signals from your company/website. It shows that you're' established across the web and can directly affect your rankings.

Another word for an online business listing would be a ‘citation’. A citation is not always the same as a directory listing. Citations don’t always need to be on a directory. For instance: sometimes it can be a news article posting your business information, this is a citation, but not on a directory website.

We hand build most citations across the web, but at times we use citation listing software. Citation listing software helps push your business information across the web to multiple directory/citation websites within a few days.

We also build industry specific niche citations on different sites for your business type. An example of a niche citation would be a business listing for a doctor on showing the doctors business & contact information.

North Scottsdale SEO Company has a compiled list of hundreds of directory websites across the web.

Businesses in 2021 and beyond need SEO services including citations & directory listings to be successful online.

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